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Please contact us if you have a question or request.

Look to the right for the most frequently asked questions.

Questions for Experts

When do I qualify as an expert?

  • When you provide services as a psychologist, therapist or personal coach and utilise or want to utilise the applications of Psilocybin
  • When you facilitate Psilocybin sessions and/or events.
  • When you are active with research, information and education regarding Psilocybin.

How can I apply?

Use the contact form or send us an email with the following:
Your name, company name, job title, location, and a short description of your motivation.
We will contact you for an interview to discuss the possibilities.

What are my benefits as an expert?

  • You are part of a growing network of Psilocybin professionals
  • You can be found by your target audience through the search engine of the website
  • Exclusive discounts on our products
  • You have a source of news and information at your disposal

General questions

Can I increase the dosage if I do not notice the effects?

If you don’t notice much after a few tries, it can be effective to adjust the dosage. On your next Microdosing-day, you can increase the dosage by half a portion (0.5 grams). Scale this up carefully until you find the ”sweet spot”. This is the state where you are still functioning fully as intended, but can perceive the subtle effects.

I forgot to take a dose, now what?

This is’t a problem. Just shift your dose to the next day and pick up your schedule from there. To experience the full effects of microdosing it is advisable to stick to the chosen protocol as accurate as possible.

I am on medication, is microdosing suitable for me?

Psilocybin causes a strong reaction on the serotonin system. Therefore don’t combine Psilocybin with other medications that affect this system. Be extremely careful with other recreational substances that have an effect on the serotonin level. If you are not completely sure of your personal situation, always consult a health professional.

What is the best way to get started with this product?

Need help or guidance? First of all, read the information thoroughly and take a look at the manuals which you can download for free from our website. If you still can’t work it out, you can always contact one of our experts.

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