What are Magic Truffles?

The official name for the truffle is Sclerotium or Sclerotia in plural. The truffle belongs to the world of mushrooms and is part of a gigantic subterranean network. This underground network is called mycelium, a fungal formation with a white, thread-like structure. Given the right conditions, the mycelium will produce the growth of a mushroom. The mushroom can be considered as a fruit of the mycelium. When the conditions aren’t optimal, a compact mass will form underground with stored nutrients and water waiting for the right time to grow. This compact cluster of nutrients is called a (Magic) Truffle.

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On our planet, there are over 200 different species of fungy and mushrooms containing Psilocybin and Psilocyn. Few of them are able to produce the Magic Truffle. The most familiar strains are the Psilocybe Mexicana, Psilocybe Tampanensis and Psilocybe Atlantis. Taking a high dose of these strains can induce philosophical insights and astounding visuals. The hallucinogenic truffle is therefore often referred to as the ”Philosopher’s stone”. 

Hallucinogens and their remarkable history


Hallucinogens go way back and have a longstanding and profound reputation. They have been used for thousands of years by non-Western cultures as ”Sacred” substances and are known for their ability to heal, restore personal imbalances, and connect with the realms of spirituality. Even today, they are still used around the world during religious rituals and ceremonies. What can we learn from these ancient traditions and practices?

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What can I expect?

The first signs of the effects are noticeable within 30 to 60 minutes after intake. The gradual rise has an average timespan of one to two hours before reaching its peak. Most people would experience this as most intense. After a total of four to six hours, the effects are gradually becoming less, whereafter people often look back at it as a remarkable experience.

The effects are globally arranged into five categories:

Change of sensory perception

In response to different factors, multiple perceptual changes can be detected. Color, smell, taste and touch can be experienced more intensely. In some cases, people start to hallucinate, both with the eyes open and with the eyes closed. Geometrical forms and kaleidoscopic structures can be perceived. Next to this, music and other sensory input can be experienced completely altered. 

Change of mood

The Magic Truffle can have a strong effect on mood which can take on different forms. Euphoria and ecstasy are no exception, whereas fear and confusion can also be present during the experience. As a rule and most of the time, the current mood is being reinforced. 

Change of time perception

Time and space can be experienced completely altered. In general, time is considered to be much slower. Minutes can feel like hours and in some cases, time seems to be standing still. 

Change of mental processing

The Magic Truffle can cause a drastic change in the way we think. Unusual crosslinks and associations are being made which can lead to surprising insights, but also to confusion and turmoil. On high dose, change of self-perception can occur. the limits between the self and the environment tents to dissolve and disappear. This is called ego-dissolution or depersonalisation, which is often described as merging with other persons, animals or objects. This could stimulate a feeling of connection and unity. Sometimes even on a spiritual or religious level. 

Physical effects

The Magic Truffle can cause a strong body high which is accompanied by feelings of euphoria, weightlessness and slackening of the muscles. A mild increase in heartrate and blood pressure can also occur. Widened pupils, dry mouth, disturbance of balance, nausea and vomiting can take place when consuming Magic Truffles. 

Get the most out of your experience


To get a maximum out of your experience, it is important that you are well prepared. It is of the utmost importance that you do not have to worry about anything during the experience. Make sure you are prepared both mentally and physically to be able to surrender yourself completely to the internal journey.

Would you like to know what you can take into account beforehand? We have listed a number of key points to help you prepare for the Psychedelic experience.

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Be mindful of your dose


Before use, determine which dosage is appropriate for the desired effects. Don’t consume any food 4 to 6 hours leading up towards intake for optimal effect. The dosage depends on several factors such as physical condition, Truffle strain and the desired effect. A general average looks like this:

How do I consume the truffles?

Magic Truffles are delivered freshly and therefore have a limited shelf life. The sooner they can be consumed, the better the taste and the effect will be. Keep the Magic Truffles in a cool environment, preferably the refrigerator. When kept dry and cool, vacuum sealed packages can be sustained for two to three months. After this period the freshness of the product can not be guaranteed. Most commonly they are chewed and eaten. Make sure to be chewing thoroughly in order to absorb the active substances as efficient as possible. Some users may experience abdominal pain or nausea after consuming the Magic Truffle. This is completely normal and will disappear in most cases after the beginning of the trip. Do you have a weak stomach or does the taste not appeal to you, then a viable option could be, to make tea from the truffle. Cut the truffle in small pieces and add these to a tea of preference. Let this sink in for 5 to 10 minuets before usage. It is really important to add the Magic Truffles only until after the tea has boiled. Otherwise there will be a risk of active substance being degraded which could eliminate possible effects.

From the ancient Aztec tradition

The Aztec Combo

The combination of Psilocybin and Cacao share a long history of traditional and ritual use. The combination has been used by the Aztecs for thousands of years because of their synergistic effects. The history on Psychoactive Mushrooms and Cacao throughout the centuries is mystical, tragic and hopeful at the same time and is essentially a reflection of the socio-cultural development of mankind in general.

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What should I take into account?

The Psychedelic experience is different for each individual. For most people, the experience is a true eye-opener full of insights and realizations about life. Keep in mind however that not everyone is capable of dealing with some of the drastic alterations that may occur during the experience. Make sure to educate yourself and be as prepared as possible. It is of the utmost importance that whatever comes your way, you let it be as it presents itself. Resisting often has a counterproductive effect and could lead to a difficult experience. When people report a bad experience, in almost any case these are one or more of the following causes:

  • Lack of preparation
  • Overdosing
  • Mixed use with other substances
  • Improvident ‘’Set and Setting’’
  • Presence of contra-indications

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The chances of addiction can be neglected. The properties of the psychedelic experience do not invite repetitive use. A Psychedelic journey can be experienced as highly intense and exhausting. With repetitive use, there is a chance of physical resistance which can lead to drastic mitigation of effects. We advise against use for people suffering major mental health issues. For this group, the use of Magic Truffle can amplify their issues. Magic Truffles can cause psychoses for people who have a predisposition for this. Combining Magic truffles with other substances will be strongly discouraged. Advised preparation is essential for having a positive experience. Make sure you are well informed and familiar with the risks. ”Bad trips” are often a consequence of confrontation with fear or trauma which causes a fierce reaction.