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What is Microdosing?

A microdose is a sub-perceptual dose that is barely noticeable. Taking a small dose of a Psychedelic has been used successfully for several years and has helped many people to engage in personal growth and development. Common effects of Microdosing are:

  • Mood Enhancement
  • Emotional Balance
  • Increase in Motivation
  • Memory Improvement
  • Increase in Creativity
  • Mental Clarity
  • Sleeping Improvement
  • Increased Focus
  • Experiencing ‘’Flow States’’
  • Reinforced current Mood
  • Reduced levels of Stress
  • Increased sensory Perception
  • Relief from conditions such as depression, ADD, ADHD, PTSD and multiple anxiety disorders
Ever since the dawn of humanity


The phrase ”Microdosing” has been gaining considerable popularity in recent years. Many research studies indicate that there is a lot of potential in its application, but where does the concept of taking a small dose of a Psychedelic actually originate from? There are a variety of different ideas regarding this form of use, but the long historical relationship between Psychedelics and man is evident and generally acknowledged by academics.

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Microdosing increases neural connectivity

How does it work?

Taking a Microdose increases neural connectivity. The official name for this phenomenon is neuroplasticity which provides a direct effect on the ”Default Mode Network” aka DMN, a scientific concept popularized by Michael Pollan. The DMN acts as a complex filtering system that we rely on to function without being completely overwhelmed by all the information available within our perceptual field. A low dose of Psilocybin can allow for more information to be absorbed and processed by the brain.

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Meaning, Authenticity and Mental Clearity

Why Microdosing?

Microdosing is used for a wide variety of reasons. It may be that people want to connect more deeply with creativity, or that they want to make a change and are looking for a tool to do so. Connecting with the heart, the senses and the world around can be the key to a profound uplift. In general, most people are experiencing positive changes and more joy in life. Is this something you are interested in? Then first ensure that you are fully aware of all that is involved in the process.

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How do I use the Microdosing product?

At the beginning or in the middle of the day during a meal

Microdosing Icon

Split one dose from the strip in the pack

Take the portion without chewing and rinse with water

Microdosing Bewaren Icons

Keep the packaging inside the refrigerator

Microdosing Protocols

It is recommended to dose according to a specific schedule which states how many times and when to take a Microdose. This is called a protocol. There are many different Microdosing protocols. After completing a period of six to ten weeks, a minimal of two weeks of rest has to be taken into account. This period is important to prevent any sort of tolerance against the substance and to fully preserve the working potential of Psilocybin. After a resting period, you can resume Microdosing if desired. We advise to use one of the following protocols for the most reliable results.

The ‘’Fadiman’’ protocol


This method offers a good foundation for a first Microdosing experience. It is based on a three-day cycle. Psilocybin remains active in the body for about 2 days. With this method, you can clearly experience the differences between a ”Micro-dosing day” and a normal day.

The ”Every Other Day” protocol

Every other day protocol - Microdosing

This method provides the most stability through a constant presence of active Psilocybin. Psilocybin remains active for about 2 days which causes it to be slightly active on a ‘sober day’ as well. This is called  ‘the after glow’. The method is based on a two-day cycle. 

Adding Nootropics and essential vitamins

Stacking Methods

Stacking is the practice of adding various natural supplements and vitamins to a Micro-dose of Psilocybin. More and more research suggests that adding medicinal mushrooms can optimize the effect of Microdosing. There are several ”Stacking Methods” now being used of which the “Stamets Stack” is the most popular one. Adding Lion’s Mane mushroom and Niacin is thought to stimulate the production of new brain cells.

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Follow a Microdosing Program

Microdosing Pro

Microdosing, How to properly prepare for it? What are the things you have to consider? In order to experience the full benefits, it is essential to carefully structure and plan your Microdosing cycle. Work with a Microdosing Coach and get the very best out of your experience with Psychedelic Truffles.

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