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A microdose is a sub-perceptual dose that is barely noticeable. The most active component is called Psilocybin. The use of Psilocybin can lead to an increase of creativity, focus and motivation. It can also lead to a decrease of factors such as stress, anxiety and multiple emotional imbalances.

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Microdosing Pro

Microdosing, How to properly prepare for it? What are the things you have to consider? In order to experience the full benefits, it is essential to carefully structure and plan your Microdosing cycle. Work with a Microdosing Coach and get the very best out of your experience with Psychedelic Truffles.

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Magic Truffles

The Magic Truffle is a member of the Mushroom world and is part of a gigantic subterranean network. In high doses they induce philosophical insights and breathtaking visuals. We provide a well selected collection of freshly grown Magic Truffles ready for consumption.

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Microdosing, How to properly prepare for it? What are the things you have to consider? In order to experience the full benefits, it is essential to carefully structure and plan…
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I met Roel (founder of Cosmic Truffles) last year. He introduced me to the world of magic truffles. We talked about the wonderful effects & benefits the use of magic truffles can have on a person’s spiritual growth. This of course intrigued me even more as I was (and actually still am) on my own path of spiritual growth. Roel acted as somewhat of an advisor/guide to prepare me for my very first trip.

We now regularly share our experiences we’ve had with each other.. I always admire how Roel finds a way to make me appreciate my journeys from a different perspective. Needless to say, I was excited to hear that started his own company to provide high grade quality Magic truffles. With the hope that he can spread the knowledge and benefits of the use of magic truffles to a broader audience.

I eventually ended up ordering the Psilocybe Hollandia magic truffle. It has become my magic truffle of choice. Roel was able to provide me with the magic truffle very fast. The quality of the truffles was as good as I expected. I had the most wonderful session. I took the regular 10 grams that I usually take and I just surrendered myself to the experience. I didn’t want the remaining 5 grams to go to waste. So, I decided to use it for micro-dosing. Another use of magic truffle that Roel told me about. Next time I will try one of the other magic truffles Roel offers on his webshop!


By taking the Microdosing, I noticed a positive change in my mood, focus and creativity. I also doubted myself a lot less, and lived more in the present moment. I definitely recommend it!


I took Mexicana Truffles with a friend for her first time. The visuals were awesome, and we had wonderfull conversations. I would definitely recommend them!

ChanelPsilocybe Mexicana

I have done truffles many times, but always in company. Pajaritos Truffles were the first i took by myself. The experience was amazing! The visuals were beautiful, I got answered all my questions and felt so much gratitude!

ChanelPsilocybe Pajaritos