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Microdosing, How to properly prepare for it? What are the things you have to consider? In order to experience the full benefits, it is essential to carefully structure and plan your Microdosing cycle. When you follow a Microdosing Program and work with a coach, you are sure to leave nothing to chance. You are optimally prepared for a fruitful experience!

Coaching vs. Therapy

To properly understand Microdosing, we make a distinction between two categories.

There is a substantial difference between Entheogenic and Therapeutic use. It is important to know which category fits your personal situation. This will allow you to start safely, responsibly and well prepared.

Entheogenic & Therapeutic use

Entheogenic literally means “from God within ourselves.” It clearly indicates a spiritual context. Those who want to start with Psychedelics based on this context are striving for personal growth and/or spiritual deepening. It could also be that you are simply intrigued by what Microdosing might hold for you. Do you recognize yourself here? Then in most cases, after excluding any *contra-indications, you can get started independently. Microdosing also appears to be very effective for several mental and physical conditions. In these cases Microdosing can have a therapeutic value. A program for this group of people requires the supervision of a qualified psychologist or therapist.

*contra-indications are either grounds or circumstances not to administer a particular treatment or drug. In this case, it outlines which people are better off not to start Microdosing.

More about Contra-indications

Microdosing in Therapy

Are you experiencing mental or physical problems and are you interested in what Microdosing can do for you? Several studies have already shown that Microdosing can have a positive effect on various health conditions. First, make sure you are well informed about the connection between Microdosing and your specific condition. There may already be plenty of information about it as well as a number of scientific articles you can read through. Always consult a qualified psychologist, physician or therapist! More and more professionals are open to work with these natural remedies. Experimenting on your own initiative is not recommended.

This illustration demonstrates how many publications have been made about Psilocybin over the years. The rise in popularity is evident, and increasing attention is being paid to the efficacy of the Psychoactive substance found in Magic Truffles. There is plenty of information to delve into and we highly recommend that you do so thoroughly!

Microdosing with a Coach

When you start Microdosing with a coach, you can get much more out of the overall experience. A good coach’s knowledge and experience allow you to obtain valuable insights. By working with a coach you can focus all your attention on yourself. You will be supported during preparation, throughout the process and during the integration phase. A coach will help you gain insight into your personal process. Where do the opportunities lie and what might the pitfalls be? A coach is there to guide you. He or she will guide you in taking the right steps to get closer to the essence within yourself.

The Microdosing Kickstart Program

To help you get started in the best way possible, we have launched the Microdosing Kickstart Program. This way you can get acquainted with the subject and everything that is involved. Using a selection of key components, we will demonstrate where the opportunities are in order for you to get the most out of your Microdosing experience. The Microdosing Kickstart Program is a complete, all-inclusive program in which we prepare you optimally for a full month of Microdosing. The program provides you with a solid foundation of knowledge as well as the necessary tools to get started.

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