30 day ”Stacking Cordyceps”


This unique combination was already known in the world of sports before it was combined with Psilocybin. The stimulating effect on the metabolism can reduce fatigue and drowsiness while micro-dosing. The “stacking method” may give you an additional boost, which some people find very beneficial. Before use, please read the detailed information.

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Adding Nootropics and essential vitamins

Stacking Methods

Stacking is the practice of adding various natural supplements and vitamins to a Micro-dose of Psilocybin. More and more research suggests that adding medicinal mushrooms can optimize the effect of Microdosing. There are several ”Stacking Methods” now being used of which the “Stamets Stack” is the most popular one. Adding Lion’s Mane mushroom and Niacin is thought to stimulate the production of new brain cells.

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