WiseRootz – Peak Performance


For a full month of Microdosing:

  • 12x Cosmic Microdosing Truffles
  • 12x High Quality Handmade Cacao Blend (Cordyceps & MCT Oil Infused)
  • 1x Beautiful Gemstone
  • 1x Access to Wiserootz App (Dutch only)

The Peak Performance series takes your physical performance to a new level. The special blend of Cordyceps Militaris and MCT oil along with the Magic Truffle provide a boost in your performance. It supports recovery, improves blood flow and provides protection for the immune system during competitions and heavy workouts. This means more endurance and more power when it matters most. Peak Performance can make the difference so you can focus on achieving your personal goals during intense sports and exercise.

  • Energy boost
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Improves physical performance
  • Improves oxygen uptake
  • Improves blood flow to the heart
  • Faster recovery after strenuous exercise

The series includes access to an exclusive app that allows you to track your Microdosing cycle. A must-have “journaling” tool that visualizes your progress allowing optimal insight into your process.


For the optimal success experience with


Microdosing, How do you go about it properly and what should be considered? To experience the full benefits of it, it is essential that you structure the process effectively. When you are well informed, you are more confident that you are in the best position to leave nothing to chance. You are optimally prepared for a fruitful experience!

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