Microdosing Kickstart Program


Boost your Microdosing experience with the KICKSTART program. Work with a Microdosing Coach and get the most out of your experience. Proper preparation, a suitable protocol, setting the right intention and paying attention to the essentials are key for the optimal Psychedelic Truffle experience.

  • Microdosing Truffles for a full month
  • The extensive Microdosing with Truffles manual
  • An online coaching session
  • A suitable protocol to fit your personal needs
  • Fundamental knowledge for the optimal experience with Microdosing
  • Fully prepared to start your personalized journey



Follow a Microdosing Program

Microdosing Pro

Microdosing, How to properly prepare for it? What are the things you have to consider? In order to experience the full benefits, it is essential to carefully structure and plan your Microdosing cycle. Work with a Microdosing Coach and get the very best out of your experience with Psychedelic Truffles.

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