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Who is the mind behind Cosmic Truffles and where does this profound passion for Psychedelics come from? Get to know Roel and watch or listen to the podcasts where we immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of Psychoactive plants and mushrooms. The history, its relationship to consciousness, spirituality, shamanism, adoption in the West and various personal experiences are openly shared and discussed in the conversations below.

The Psychedelic Renaissance

If you don’t immerse yourself in history you are missing a fundamental understanding of a profound relationship between humanity and the use of Psychoactive substances. Several archaeological finds show that the use of Psychedelics goes back thousands of years and have played a major role in the formation of language, culture and philosophical thinking. What secrets are hidden within these mysterious traditions and is there any potential future for adoption in Western societies?

Roel Bij de Vaate  CEO Cosmic Truffles

Elvis Tadlanek Life of Elvis Podcast


  • Psychedelic history
  • Peculiar Psychedelic findings
  • Ancient Civilisations
  • Psychedelics in the 50s and 60s
  • Scientific discoveries
  • Microdosing
  • The nature of the Psychedelic experience
  • Shamanism
  • Education for psychedelics
  • Shaping reality
  • Perspectives on consciousness

Memorable Quotes

  • ”It seems to be that our ancestors were somehow smarter, more wise and more in tune with the natural world.”
  • ”Being aware of Psychedelic History is essential in order to fully understand where it’s all about.”
  • ”Psychedelics have the potential to alter human consciousness.”
  • We can’t be globally connected if we can’t even connect to ourselves.

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Personal Experiences

Who is Roel and what has led him to play a part within the Psychedelic Community? We discuss Roel’s journey from his early interest in spirituality, the internal conflict from his work as a tattoo artist, his constant pain from lumbar hernia and how Psilocybin has helped him change his relationship to that pain. Roel shares his perspective on Psychedelics, science, the importance of love and knowing ones authentic nature.

Roel Bij de Vaate  CEO Cosmic Truffles

Sébastien Fouillade Leadershipedelics Podcast


  • Answers found in Hinduism and Buddhism
  • Harmony and oneness
  • Rebirth through psychedelics
  • Meditation, breathwork, cold therapy
  • Science and the ineffability of spiritual experiences
  • Microdosing vs. macrodosing
  • Healing from constant pain from lumbar hernia
  • Leaving a creative job misaligned with the self
  • Education for psychedelics and spiritual experiences
  • Supporting and encouraging one another
  • You are loved and you matter

Memorable Quotes

  • “With meditation I could put these things at ease and not think about them.”
  • “Psychedelics can be real powerful tools for a lot of people but only used in the right circumstances. That’s something people need to think about beforehand.”
  • “It’s really important for every individual to understand that they matter and that they can express themselves.”
  • “The scientific approach can tend to box certain aspect of the psychedelic experience. But to me, the nature of the experience shows there is much more mysticism and spirituality to it than is acknowledged by the scientific method.”

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