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Taking a Microdose increases neural connectivity. The official name for this phenomenon is neuroplasticity which produces a direct effect on the ”Default Mode Network” aka DMN, a scientific concept popularized by Michael Pollan. The DMN acts as a complex filtering system that we use to function without being completely overwhelmed by all the information available within our perceptual field. A low dose of Psilocybin can cause more information to be absorbed and processed by the brain.

How does the DMN work?

One of the main tasks of the DMN is to slow down other brain areas so that we can efficiently perform various tasks. It inhibits and limits our perspective for the sake of efficiency and for the conservation of energy. This restricted perspective is also the cause of our most persistent problems. The effectiveness of the DMN causes many of our thoughts, feelings and actions to be repetitive, making it difficult for us to overcome negative patterns and to develop on a personal level.

As human beings, we continue to fall into old patterns on a regular basis, or into behaviour that no longer benefits us, but which continues to present itself repeatedly with no immediate understanding of what we can do to overcome these issues. Breaking through the patterns defined by DMN can provide a refreshing perspective on our way of living. Whereas some achieve this through meditation, other will have success by practicing yoga, mindfulness or some other form of time of stillness. There are several methods to be successful in this and Microdosing can be one of them. The increased connectivity in the brain may lead to the discovery of greater purpose and more authenticity.

The Importance of Cultural Perception

The way we live our lives and how we experience ourselves is heavily influenced by our culture. All too often we identify ourselves with the ego and the parts we play in the social environment. Some undoubtedly more than others, but we all have to deal with the hurdles and obstacles we encounter on the path of life. The roles we play can cause a social and societal pressure, something we all have to learn to deal with in our own way. Navigating a world where we cannot always be who we really are can be difficult. It may occasionally cause us to get stuck and lose touch with the essence, the heart and the deeper meaning of life.

The ability to be creative is suppressed and the capacity to interpret the world according to our own believes is replaced by the narrative. This narrative has little shape or color nowadays and tends to exclude large groups of people on the basis of various reasons. For example, sometimes you can be excluded if you think just a little differently about certain subjects or when you decide to change and develop yourself. This is a major cause of the social problems that are manifesting everywhere. In fact, we see an explosive increase in stress, burn-outs, loneliness, lack of purpose and direction in the world. How are we going to change this and what can we do to be more secure and confident in life?

Microdosing as a self-help method

More and more people are experiencing the benefits of Microdosing. There are countless reports of people with the most inspiring stories about achieving personal success and overcoming their fears and obstacles. Not only in a therapeutic setting, but more and more people are getting started with different Microdosing methods at home as well. Where one person is looking for more creativity, the other starts with a predefined trajectory, for example, to tackle an unwanted behavioural pattern. Be aware that Microdosing in itself isn’t a cure-all. Without working with a specific intention it could just so happen that it does little to nothing for you. It is therefore essential that you prepare yourself properly and that you do all you can beforehand to ensure that the experience is fruitful. Therefore, always make sure that you are well informed about all that is involved.

Who exactly is Microdosing for?

How can you find out if microdosing is for you or not? There is still a lot of stigma attached to the subject and it’ s not entirely obvious to everyone whether it’ s suitable or not. First of all, make sure you are aware of the Contra-indications. If they don’t apply to you and you find yourself in one of the following groups, Microdosing might be something for you:

  • The Creative, Searching for a source of inspiration and expansion
  • The Curious One, drawn to take a personal journey of self-discovery
  • The Leader, seeking innovation and a different perspective
  • The Healer, working on a better version of him/her self
  • The Visionary, Walking the path of the future and taking on challenges

Microdosing with the Magic Truffle

There are several substances you can get to work with if you want to start Microdosing. However the most accessible substance is Psilocybin, the active substance found in Magic Truffles. The Magic Truffle is easily obtainable and has a legal status in the Netherlands. This is not the only advantage the Magic Truffle has over other Psychedelics. Whereas many other substances may differ in strength, the Magic Truffle generally contains the same amount of active substance. This makes the Magic Truffle very reliable for Microdosing.

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Microdosing & Science

Science is also catching up and is increasingly demonstrating that taking a Microdose can be very effective for breaking through persistent behavioural patterns. Microdosing is now being used and tested in many different areas. The results are encouraging and the future of adoption in the mental health sector seems inevitable.

Microdosing & Neuro-plasticity

Several studies demonstrate that Psilocybin is capable of causing neuro-plasticity, a process by which new brain cells are produced. When the substance becomes active the connections between brain areas are increased and there is more activity between the various sections. This process ensures that information can be processed in different ways which enables the individual to break through established thinking, patterns and behaviours. Through this increased activity in the brain the individual will conceivably experience more perspectives and oversight during Microdosing.

The Placebo Effect

Those who delve extensively into Microdosing research will undoubtedly come across the impact of the placebo effect. It is still not clearly demonstrated how this affects the pharmacological effect of Psychedelics. To what extent is the individual responsible for personal advances and to what extent can we attribute this to the psychoactive substances? The work of Dr. Joe Dispenza clearly demonstrates that a pattern of expectation can have a profound effect on the actual outcome. To this extent, the brain and the human mind are still not fully understood within the limited benchmarks of science.

Who or what might actually be responsible for a particular outcome or result, and how can this be made measurable? This interesting question undoubtedly triggers some thinking and clearly points to the importance of an interactive process and intention setting. Regardless of the extent to which achieved results can be traced back to the pharmacological effect, what ultimately matters is what encourages you to grow and develop on a personal level. Are you interested in learning how to do this for yourself? We have already listed a number of important points to help you get started.

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